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What is a code 25 barcode?

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Code 25 Barcode

Code 25 Barcode

A code 25 or Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode contains only numerical data. These codes can be as long as you need in order to encode the data you wish to be contained. Typical uses include coding on cartons of products or industrial applications.

The code 25 barcodes are encoded in pairs of digits. This means two digits are interleaved with each other to create the barcode symbol. The name 2 of 5 comes from the fact that 2 out of every 5 black lines (bars) or white lines (spaces) are wider than the rest. These wider bars are typically two or three times the width of the more narrow bars.

Only an even number of digits can be encoded on the code 25 barcode. If you did have an odd number of digits which needed to be encoded, you could simply add the number 0 as the first digit in order to make the number of digits even. The reason the barcode needs an even number of digits is because the 1st digit needs to be encoded on the bar or black lines whereas the 2nd digit would need to be encoded on white lines or spaces.

In order to prevent short scans, bearer bars can be placed on the top and bottom of these bars.

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