Barcode Scanning

What type of scanners can I use to scan my barcodes?

Barcode scanners or readers come in a wide variety to suit every application. There are two important considerations when choosing the correct scanner for your needs:

  • The scanner technology

    CCD, laser or imager.

  • Scanner type

    Corded scanners (connected via a cable), cordless scanners (wireless),  barcode verifiers and PDA and handheld terminal scanners.

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What technology do scanners use to read barcodes?

  • CCD (Charge Coupled Device) scanners

    illuminate the barcode with light from LEDs and are available in two types. Contact scanners have read ranges from contact to 2-3cm and medium range types have read ranges from 20-30cm.

  • Laser scanners

    illuminate the barcode with light from a laser and are therefore capable of reading barcodes at a greater distance. Standard laser scanners typically read barcodes up to 30cm, with long range versions able to read barcodes up to 10M.

  • Imager technology

    uses a small camera to capture 1D and 2D barcodes. The barcode is then decoded using digital image processing.

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