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Label Sizes

The range of label sizes that can be printed by a thermal label printer is limited by both the maximum and minimum sizes.

Maximum Width

Is defined by the printer model and range from 2” (54mm) to 8” (219mm).

  • 2” (54mm) – The smallest printer and selected where a very small footprint is required.
  • 4” (104mm) – This is the most common width of printer for desktop and industrial printers.
  • 5” (128mm), 6” (168mm) and 8” (219mm) – Physically larger and usually more expensive printers, where a wider width is required.

Maximum Length

This is limited by the printer memory and is rarely a problem, with lengths up to 39” (991mm) possible on an entry level desktop printer.

Minimum Size

This will vary from model to model, but in general the specifications give a minimum print width of 25mm on 4” printers and 51mm on 6” and 8” printers. The minimum height is specified from 10-12mm. Some printers can cater for slightly smaller labels, but please seek advice from AM Labels before ordering.

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