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Jewellery Labelling

So you’ve opened your first jewellery store, and you need to label your items, maybe you’re already in business and want to print professional labels to identify your stock.

No need to panic, we have put together the complete jewellery label solution – everything you need to design and print your own jewellery labels: thermal transfer printer, professional label software, jewellery labels and ribbon. Easy to set up and use, within half an hour you can be printing your own jewellery labels.

Jewellery labels are available in various formats, most common rattail (long-tail) and dumbbell. These labels can be used with a computer or keyboard display unit for stand alone printing. Jewellery labels can be used to display information about your products, including product code, short description, price and a barcode.

Label Formats

Rattail Labels

LAB102222 – 22 x 22 x 10mm (Tail 28 x 3mm)

Dumbbell Labels

LAB063015 – 20 x 20 x 15mm (mid-section 23 x 5mm)

LabelDirect Software

LabelDirect offers all the features you would expect from a professional labelling package including database integration, copy fitting, variable graphics, serial numbers and industry standard linear and 2D barcode symbologies; plus many other unique features developed in response to Image’s 25+ years of experience in the labelling industry.

  • Fastest possible print speed
  • 100% WYSIWYG design including accurate font representation
  • Full software control of printer features and settings
  • Comprehensive range of variable data types
  • Intuitive design tools – design labels in minutes
  • Support for all major thermal printer ranges
  • Use on any port or across a network


AM Labels can provide everything you need to design and print your own jewellery labels: thermal transfer printer, label software, jewellery labels and resin ribbon.

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