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What is a code 128 barcode?

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A Code 128 barcode is a general purpose barcode, widely used across all industries including the food and non-food industries, public sector and government bodies and can contain letters and numbers.

Code 128 can be an alphanumeric or numeric only barcode and is one of the most common 1D barcodes due to its high-density barcode symbology.

Code 128 barcodes typically contain a part number, product code or patient number etc. When a barcode is read and input into a computer, it is typically cross referenced to either a local or central database, where large amounts of information can be automatically retrieved for the item scanned. A code 128 barcode can encode all 128 characters of ASCII and includes 107 symbols: 103 data symbols, 3 start codes, and 1 stop code.

Creating Code 128 barcodes with software

Code 128 barcodes can be generated through barcode label software which will also allow you to produce a design for your labels. Barcode software is typically available in basic, professional and networked versions, limited software is often supplied with the printer which will allow basic designs to be created. If you are creating your Code 128 barcodes from a database then you will need professional barcode software.

There is also an Open-Source Barcode Generator for Code 128 Barcodes (C++, VB, Excel Macros, etc) available to download online.

For more information on printing or creating Code 128 barcodes please e-mail support@amlabels.co.uk or call us on 01536 414222.

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