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Epson C7500 Series NiceLabel Printing Guide

Date April 29, 2016 Author AM Labels

NiceLabel Printing Guide

Making the decision to move to an in house labelling solution can often be a daunting one, especially for people who are not particularly tech savvy but nonetheless want to reap the countless cost and time saving benefits of printing their own labels. In this guide, we at AM Labels would like to show to you just how easy it can be to print your own labels using the NiceLabel suite.

Entering NiceLabel

NiceLabel is one of the industry’s leading barcode and labelling software solutions. It provides the tools necessary to effortlessly design, print, and manage multiple label layouts in a remarkably intuitive manner. If you would like to request a free 30 day trial, then click here.

Who are we?

AM Labels are the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of printing and labelling solutions. If you are interested in purchasing an Epson C7500 or are simply looking for high quality and cost-effective labels, then please don’t hesitate toAM Labels Logo contact us on 01536 414 222 or send us an email at: and our expert sales team will be happy to help.

Before you begin…

For the guide to work, simply input your specific media dimensions into the highlighted boxes. If you have any hardware related problems that appear to prevent you from printing, make sure that you calibrate your printer after you have installed the media by simply navigating to the maintenance section on the Epson 7500 unit and selecting ‘calibrate’.


Step 1 – Open up NiceLabel and select ‘Create New Label’.

Create a New Label

Step 2 – Select your printer (in this case the Epson C7500G) and choose ‘properties’.

Printer Properties

Step 3 – Select ‘User Defined’

User Defined

Step 4 – Enter your desired layout name, media form, image height, width and backing paper width into the relevant boxes.


– Media Layout Name = 101×50 (Enter your layout name here)

– Media Form = Die-cut Label (Gap)

– Label Height = 50mm

– Label Width = 101mm

– Backing Paper Width = 2mm

Media Layout

Step 5 – Make sure to select ‘Add’ before closing, otherwise you will lose your layout settings.

Media Layout Add

Step 6 – Select from the media layout dropdown your newly created layout and then press ok to confirm (Extra Tip: If you plan on using this configuration frequently, you can ‘Save as Favourite Setting’. This way, your desired options will be automatically selected every time you create a new label).

Layout Select

Step 7 – Select Next.


Step 8 – Select Next.


Step 9 – Make sure to select your newly created layout from the dropdown.

Select Paper Size

Step 10 – Your desired label width and height should be shown. If you are happy with these settings, then press next.


Step 11 –  Choose your desired orientation and then select next.


Step 12 – In the majority of cases with the Epson 7500, margins will be automatically applied from the previous steps so it is safe to not include them here. If you are using this guide with another printer, then please see the relevant technical manual for guidance. If you are happy with your settings, hit ‘Finish’.

label dimensions

Step 13 – You now have a label layout of your specified dimensions. Select ‘Picture’ from the side panel and simply drag and drop your image file onto the label. You can resize and readjust as required. You can also rotate the image 90 degrees by pressing Ctrl+T on your keyboard. (Extra Tip: If you would like to centre your image, select ‘Arrange’ from the top bar and then choose ‘Align’).

Select Picture

Epson Label

Step 14 – If you are happy with everything, select ‘file’ from the top bar and then choose print!

File Print
















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