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What is an Aztec Barcode?

Date December 8, 2010 Author AM Labels

The Aztec barcode is a two-dimensional matrix symbology, able to encode all of the ASCII character set, a two-dimensional imaging device such as a CCD camera is necessary to scan the barcode.

The symbol is made up of a square grid with a bulls-eye pattern located at its centre for easy location of the code. Data is then encoded around this bulls-eye pattern.

Aztec Code is robust and well suited for displays of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Creating Aztec barcodes with software
Aztec barcodes can be generated through barcode label software which will also allow you to produce a design for your labels. Barcode software is typically available in basic, professional and networked versions; limited software is often supplied with the printer which will allow basic designs to be created. If you are creating your Aztec barcodes from a database then you will need professional barcode software.

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