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What are IP Ratings?

Date December 8, 2010 Author AM Labels

IP Ratings (Ingress Protection) can be found on many handheld devices from pda’s to barcode scanners, and are an important indication to the suitability of that device to operate in certain environments.

The IP rating is a two-digit number established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), for example a device could be given a rating of IP54, it is used to provide a rating to a piece of electronic equipment or to an enclosure for electronic equipment, that indicates the level, or amount of protection it has against factors such as liquid and dust.

When considering a new purchase for your business the IP Rating can be a valuable tool in determining whether the device would be rugged enough to suit the application it is intended for, this will minimise potential down-time or expensive replacements.

The IP rating can be broken down into two parts;

The 1st digit in the IP Rating indicates the degree of protection the device has against solid objects, this can tell you what level of protection the device has against objects as large as hands or fingers, or what is more appropriate to devices such as barcode scanners, the level of protection against objects as small as dust.

The 2nd digit indicates how well the device is sealed against entry of moisture or liquid. This covers anything from water drips, to spray, to total immersion in water. An extremely important factor if the device is going to be used outside or in areas exposed to potential spillages.

Here is the table of IP Ratings:

So for example if a device had an IP Rating of IP65 then it would be totally protected from any dust gaining entry and will be protected against low pressure jets of water.

As previously stated the IP Rating is an important indication (although not the only factor) to the ruggedness of a device and should not be ignored.

To compare IP Ratings, go on our website here and use the compare function on our individual product pages.

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