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What is an Datamatrix Barcode

Date November 15, 2010 Author AM Labels

The Datamatrix barcode is a 2D matrix code which is optimised to store a lot of information into a small footprint, which consist of black and white square modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern.Datamatrix Barcode

The Datamatrix barcode is mainly used in logistics and labelling small electronic components, due to its high data capacity with the ability to encode up to a maximum of 2335 alphanumeric characters. Error correction codes are added to the Datamatrix barcode so even if they are partially damaged, they can still be read.

Creating Datamatrix barcodes with software
Datamatrix barcodes can be generated through barcode label software which will also allow you to produce a design for your labels. Barcode software is typically available in basic, professional and networked versions; limited software is often supplied with the printer which will allow basic designs to be created. If you are creating your Datamatrix barcodes from a database then you will need professional barcode software.

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